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Report on DDC Mapping and DC.Type Mapping
WP7, D7.4

DDC Mapping

In order to create a cross-browsing service for Renardus the individual gateways classification systems will be mapped to the DDC. The task comprises some theoretical investigations, a certain check of existing similar applications, formulation of guidelines for the work of Renardus (7.4.1) and finally the mapping effort itself (7.4.2).

It is necessary, at least to a limited degree, to prepare the Renardus mapping approach by investigating similar approaches and the comparatively few theoretical models behind classification mapping.

Further issues are to discuss:

The agreed upon Renardus approach will be transferred into practical guidelines, a document which will reflect the experiences in the ongoing work.

At the technical meeting on 6/7 November 2000 in Göttingen a task force group was built up. The members of this group (Traugott Koch/NetLab, DTV, Michael Day/UKOLN, Heike Neuroth/SUB, and Ewa Nieszkowska/BNF) will be responsible for developing short guidelines until 15 February 2001. Some partners will be asked to map their classification system to DDC while the guidelines will be updated. An extra meeting for all people who are responsible for real mapping effort in their institutions will be held as soon as possible. A final report will summarize the Renardus experience with the DDC mapping.




DC.Type Mapping

Limited experiments with the element DC.Type will be carried out. What different subtypes are mapped to one and the same DC.Type category, e.g. to prevent that partners map their types into different DC.Type categories, to interprete the definitions of DC.Type categories with Renardus relevant extension etc., to test the relevance of DC sub-types list for Renardus: is it useful for cross-searchability to map partners’ types to the more specific DC subtype list? Since the DC community will not develop a sub-type list (decision at the DC 2001 conference) Renardus will develop a Renardus specific type list and map this list to DCT1 list.



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